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Do you long for the simpler times of childhood, when your mama kneaded bread dough on the very same kitchen table you did your homework on?

Do you yearn to share the comfort food of your youth with your own family?

We have become such a fast-paced, want-it-now society that we'd rather wait 15 minutes in a drive-thru line than spend 15 minutes putting together ingredients that will not only be healthier but taste better, too.

It's a shame that we're so focused on where we're going that we forget to look back at where we came from and very often don't even live in the present because the "next thing" is always beckoning.

My friend, Patti Winker, grew up in a small house in the north woods of Wisconsin with 10 siblings. If you don't think her mama was busy then I don't know what busy is to you. :D

Patti remembers the good old days when her mother made simple meals. They weren't rich but her mama knew how to put together a stick-to-your-ribs meal that you just can't get in any of today's fast food joints. But more than that she remembers the good times that were had around that old kitchen table.

Those fond memories prompted her to write "Memory Lane Meals - A Collection of Recipes Celebrating Cozy Meals from Days Gone By" because she wants you to be able to create those memories for your family today.

Simple food, simple talbe, simple lifestyle. That's what so many of us want and just don't know how to start. Well, Patti, has added over 450 recipes to her cookbook from homemade convenience foods to simple & easy snacks and everything in between.

Memory Lane Meals can help you get your family back around the table where they belong.

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